Myself and my little rescue dude, Banjo. 

As far back as I can remember, I have been a crazy dog person. Or rather, a crazy animal person. I'm not sure whether it stems from my parents always reading me books where the main characters were anthropomorphized animals, or that I just got the undying-compassion-for-animals gene. Either way, my love for animals has been a big part of my life, and now my career reflects it - and so The Walking Dog is born. 

Why should you choose me? I know there are thousands of dog-walkers out there - but I am not your average walker of dogs. This isn't a summer job for me; this is my life. I have been in the dog-world for about four years: fostering, practicing positive reinforcement training, volunteering for rescue organizations such as the Seattle Animal Shelter, and taking many photos of lovely and beautiful dogs who need homes all along the way. 

In walking dogs at the shelter, I have become well-versed in understanding dog behavior, and I have handled many different types of dogs. I feel confident with all breeds, sizes, and temperaments. As a dog owner, dog walker, and general animal advocate, I prefer reward-based training. This method of training is also preferred by the American Society of Animal Behavior and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. 

I will care about your best friend as if he or she were my own. I will shower your furry loved one with affection (only if they want it!), and I will be the best possible surrogate dog-mommy I can be while you're away. 

Seven years in film production have given me a passion for natural light photography and an eye for capturing your dog's personality through the lens. Is your pup ready for a close-up? Talk to me about rates and scheduling a photo session today!



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